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To materialize this universal longing of human being into reality, ACEFT Development (Pvt.) Ltd. is building the natural beauty surrounded elegant exclusive residential housing projects with all modern facilities named Purbachal Green Town which are nearer to the Rajuk’s Purbachal New Town, adjacent to the 300 feet's Asian Highway & Expressway and very closer to Dhaka - Chatttogram & Dhaka - Sylhet Highway.

Food, cloth, residence, education & medical treatment are the fundamental rights of human being. ACEFT has started her journey to meet these requirements. Among above, residence is the most vital needs. But in comparison with the growth of population in our country, the quantity of the land is decreasing day-by-day and planned accommodation problem got its extremity. However the longing of everyone is to live in a calm & peaceful abode in a screen and elegant environment.

ACEFT Group has started her journey in 2009 with the ambition of the best real estate company of Bangladesh. Keeping in consideration the purchasing power of all income groups, we are building natural beauty surrounded elegant housing projects with all highest standard modern facilities named Purbachal Green Town where your investment will be safe. Besides business, the social responsibility is equally considered to us. Being committed to this principles the development of Purbachal Green Town housing project is rapidly progressing with very much reputation and fame which has created wide circulation and hopes among the clients in the meantime. Not only considering the business interest, we are committed to solve your housing problem and to fulfill your dream living destination or your commercial set-up.

Journey of ACEFT

ACEFT Development (Pvt.) Ltd. has started her journey in 2009 with an exclusive residential land project with all modern facilities named Purbachal ACEFT Future Land. ACEFT GROUP has started their 2nd residential project named Purbachal ACEFT Dream Land in 2014.

ACEFT Agro & (Dairy) Ltd. is in production since 2013.

ACEFT Foundation is 100% truly non profitable organization serving to the helpless peoples, poor but genius students, orphans and to orphans and to the less fortunate peoples.

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Azad Center, 55 Purana Paltan(6th Floor), Suite # 6/ADhaka-1000, Bangladesh

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# AECFT Future LandKobaga, Jampur, Sonargaon# ACEFT Dream LandBosttail, Jampur, Sonargaon

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